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大学体验英语综合教程2课后答案第三版大学体验英语综合教程2课后答案第三版 -- 1 元

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大学 第三版 英语 综合 教程2 体验 教程
大学体验英语综合教程 2 课后翻译 UNIT1
1A P15 4. 1.elected, 2.minimum, 3.distinct, 4.responsibility, 5.pursue, 6.exploit, 8.equip, 9.granted, 10.awarded 5. 1.at large, 2.on the basis of, 3.in support of, 4.apply for, 5.is aiming at 7.restrict,

1 任何年满 18 岁的人都有资格投票(vote)。(be eligible to) Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. 2.每学期开学前, 这些奖学金的申请表格就会由学校发给每一个学生。 (apply for, scholarship) A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student before the start of each semester. 3. 遵照医生的建议,我决定戒烟。(on the advice of) On the advice of my doctor, I decided to give up smoking. 4.公园位于县城的正中央。(be located in) The park is located right in the center of town. 5.这所大学提供了我们所需的所有材料和设备。(facilities) The university provides all the materials and facilities we desire. 1B p21 13. 1.challenge, 7.prejudice, 14. 1.rests with,

2.had transformed, 3.engage, 4.occurred, 5.urged, 6.cancel, 8.foundation, 9.beliefs, 10.constructive 2.in recognition of, 3.in fact, 4.provides for, 5.keep...up

1. 他内心深处知道,他们永远也不会再见了。(in one’s heart) He knew in his heart that they would never meet again. 2.他们同意出版他的第一本书后,他终于感到自己快要成功了。(on the road to) He finally felt that he was on the road to success after they agreed to publish his first book. 3.他停下来喝了一口(a sip of)水,然后继续讲话。(resume) He stopped to take a sip of water and then resumed speaking. 4.这个大项目使我们忙得今年都无法安排一次度假了。(engage; so much that) The big project engages us so much that we can’t manage to take a holiday this year. 5.氧气(oxygen)是气体中最重要的一种,正如水是液体中最重要的一种一样。(just as) Just as water is the most important of liquids, oxygen is the most important of gases.

2A p37 4. 1.version, 2.publications, 3.click, 4.spotted, 5.refugees, 6.entries, 7.financial, 8.full-time, 9.detailed, 10.annual 5. 1.set up, 2.came across, 3.referred...to , 4.check out, 5.learnt of / learned of 1. 警察们正忙着填写关于这场事故的各种表格。(fill out) The policemen are busy filling out forms about the accident.

2.我想在还车之前把油箱(fuel tank)加满。(fill up) I want to fill up the fuel tank before returning the car. 3.如果你要投诉,最好遵循正确的程序。(follow the procedure) If you want to make a complaint, you’d better follow the correct procedure. 4.要不是约翰帮忙,我们绝不会这么快就完成实验。(without) We couldn’t have finished the experiment so soon without John’s help. 5.暴风雨之后,岸边的人们焦急地搜索湖面以期发现小船的踪迹。(scan for) After the storm, the people on the shore anxiously scanned the lake for any sign of the boat 那时他刚刚被提升为公司副总裁不久,所以他并没有期待六个月内还会有升职。 2B p43 13. 1.stressed, 2.distinguished, 3.invest, 4.matured, 5.covered, 6.soured, 7.concept, 8.balance, 9.discount, 10.discipline 14. 1.paid off, 2.make ends meet, 3.To this day, 4.picked up, 5.thanks to 1.没有身份证(ID card)我不能放任何人进来,但对你来说是例外(exception)。(in one’s case) I’m not supposed to let anyone in without an ID card, but I’ll make an exception in your case. 2.他已经从失败中汲取教训,不会犯同样的错误。(learn a lesson from) He has learned his lesson from the failure and won’t repeat the mistake. 3.我对你的能力很有信心,相信你一定能成功。(have faith in) I have great faith in your ability — I’m sure you’ll succeed. 4.即使下着雨,我们还是继续比赛。(even though) Even though it was raining, we still went on with our match. 5.我醒过来时,发现自己躺在医院的床上。(find oneself doing) I woke up to find myself lying on a hospital bed.

3A p59 4.1. attractive 2. fascination 3. statement 4. despite 5. items 6. define 7. image 8. concerned 9. belongings 10. necessities 5.1. step back 2. identify with 3. dressing up 4. turned to/looked to 5. feed off 1.我们需要通过减少道路上的车辆以降低燃料消耗。(consumption) We need to cut down on our fuel consumption by having fewer cars on the road. 2.电费上涨增加了我们的负担。(add to) The rise in power costs has added to our burden. 3.你应该自己判断行事,别总是跟在你哥哥的后面。(follow the lead) You should judge by yourself, and not always follow your brother’s lead. 4.那种发型今年很流行,但是我想明年就会过时。(in fashion) That hairstyle is in fashion this year, but I am afraid it will be out of fashion next year. 5.在追求真理的过程中,我们注定(fate to)要遭受失败的痛苦。(in one’s quest for) We are fated to suffer from many failures in our quest for truth. 3B p65 13. 1. economic 2. estimated 3. measurable 4. inspired 5. maximize 6. motivate 7. created

8. distribute 9. concerning 10. abuse 14.1. by name 2. identify (her) with 3. participate in 4. speak for 5.take (firm) action 1.我发现量入为出地过日子越来越难了。(increasingly) I find it increasingly difficult to live within my income. 2.现代政治家们都试图以电视讲话来影响普通百姓。(reach out) Modern politicians try to reach out to ordinary people in their TV speeches. 3.应该帮助学生对人生采取积极的态度。(adopt) Pupils should be helped to adopt a positive attitude to life. 4.希望全班同学参加这些讨论。(participate in) Everyone in the class is expected to participate in these discussions. 5.如果你犯了罪就必须受到惩罚。(crime) If you commit a crime you must expect to be punished.

4A p79 4.1. signal 2. crash 3. distress 4. grace 5. exploded 6. collision 7. lowered 8. beamed 9. scatter 10. destruction 5. 1. combed through 2. in any case 3. ended in 4. bound for 5. on board 1.她在公共汽车站一直等到末班车进站。(come in) She waited at the bus stop until the last bus came in. 2.如果我们能帮得上忙,尽管和我们联系。(contact) If there is any way we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. 3.他需要多少船务人员才能使他的游艇(yacht)航行?(crew) How many crew does he need to sail his yacht? 4.虽然她的新书没有上一本好,但是我还是喜欢它。(not quite as) I enjoyed her new book though it’s not quite as good as her last one. 5.我从未遇到过如此善良的人。(never before) Never before have I met such a kind person. 4B p85 13. 1. wandering 2. unloading 3. crushed 4. slightest 5. appreciation 6. giant 7. steer 8. knelt 9. leaped 10. slammed 14.1. as good as new 2. in the nick of time/in time 3. at play 4. head for/make for 5. put away 1.公共汽车放慢速度并停下,让那位乘客上车。(slow down) The bus slowed down and stopped to allow the passenger to get on board. 2.许多车子都驶过去了,可是没有一辆愿意让我们搭便车。(roll by) Many vehicles rolled by, but no one offered us a ride. 3.请勿践踏草地。(get off) Please get off the grass. 4.他按妻子的吩咐,一下班就去了市场。(make one’s way) He made his way to the marketplace right after work, as his wife had asked him to do.

5.值得庆幸的是,史蒂夫(Steve)从自行车上摔下来时没有摔断骨头。(luckily) Luckily, Steve didn’t break any bones when he fell off his bike.

5A p99 4. 1. was sinking 2. specialty 3. purely 4. discourage 5. unlikely 6. dynamics 7. actually 8. reasonably 9. have perceived 10. extended 5.1. took a deep interest in; 2. fell into; 3. sign up; 4. try (it) out; 5. dropped out of 1.我们得把感情放在一边,从专业的(professional)角度来对待这件事。(from a...standpoint) We have to put aside our emotions and take it from a professional standpoint. 2.这部戏非常精彩,我很快就沉浸于激动人心的剧情之中。(lose oneself in) The play was so wonderful that I soon lost myself in the excitement of it. 3. 她没有什么爱好 —— 除非你把看电视也算是一种爱好。(unless) She hasn’t got any hobbies — unless you call watching TV a hobby. 4.他说他是直接从市长本人那里得到这个信息的。(first-hand) He said that he had got the information first-hand from the Mayor himself. 5.既然你不能回答这个问题,我们最好问问别人。(since) Since you can’t answer the question, perhaps we’d better ask someone else 5B p105 13. 1. bound 2. sustain 3. obstacle 4. restored 5. approval 6. shift 7. emphasize 8. undergo 9. invincible 10. appearance 14. 1. set out 2. at a time 3. in ... shape 4. stopped short 5. turned to 1.由于公共汽车司机突然刹车(brake),旅客们都不由自主地向前摔倒。(pitch forward) All the passengers pitched forward because the bus driver braked sharply. 2.这个协议将冲破对自由贸易设置的障碍。(break through; obstacle) This agreement will break through the obstacles to free trade. 3.我刚放下叫出租车的电话,车就来了。(soon after) The taxi arrived soon after I rang for it. 4.在过去不管我什么时候到家,我父母总会等我。(no matter) My parents always waited up for me no matter what time I got home. 5.由于没有一方愿意让步,两个公司之间的对话完全破裂了。(break down) Talks between the two countries completely broke down, because neither of them wanted to give in. UNIT6 6A p119 4. 1. clapped 2. defend 3. quit 4. perfection 5. interview 6. survey 7. exclusive 8. storage 9. observed 10. cover 5. 1. count ... out 2. be unaware of 3. stopped in his tracks 4. At times 5. turn ... around 1.那件工作很难做,不过我想试试看。(have a shot) It’s a difficult job, but I’d like to have a shot. 2.这是一本关于商务实践而非理论的书。(as opposed to)

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